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shut the front door! [userpic]

Fall. It is that time of the year again. Freshmen are being driven in by the hoards like a fleeting flock of geese heading south for the winter or an army of drones bombarding the walls of this semi- quiet little town. Unknowing the standard effects of the college atmosphere, sex, drugs, and alcohol. The naivete' of it all and the ambient environment is quite the bemusement.I love this time of year. It is my favorite. The motion of people is constant and everyone is moving to one place or another, and with that they throw out their trash, or treasures as it would be known to by some people. I've made a hobby of dumpster diving recently and have proudly acquired enough crap, yes crap, to fully furnish and decorate my new house. I can already tell that myself and this new house shall get along quite fine. It is right next to the most pleasant man made lake with the most adorable of coffee shop/cafe's called the Black Dog. The cups of coffee from Black Dog, if you dare and drink your coffee at the cafe', is the most ridiculously large mug for coffee I have ever seen. The sheer size of the thing is enchanting. My new house and I, We were made for each other, soul mates if you must but I'm sure you must not. These long days and nights, where ever i go, it never fails to produce a cute interesting artful boy that is more than willing to have my company. This is the way I have always dreamed my life would be. The epitome of perfection. I have reached the pinnacle of my existence and I am content. For the first time in quite some time, possibly even a short lifetime. I will never again have to worry about another thing for the rest of my life. Karma is in balance, and ying and yang have once again been restored. The ultimate Zen experience. Boba would be proud. And yet, I am more than confident that life could continue to get better. The pinnacle is but a mere metaphor in its infinite existence. Love is in the aire and I believe we have the recipe for romance. The changing of the seasons where the trees meta morph into bright colorful branches making the scenery surreal like. Fall is a time for holidays and families and the love is overbearing at these casual get tog ether's. In my entire short life, I have yet to meet anyone who objects to fall, or that has anything bad to say about it at all in fact. I believe fall is special for that reason, for no other season can account for that. I want to fall in love, infatuation is intoxicating. It is like a throw of the dice, love that is, and the die has been cast. It either happens or it doesn't. The randomization of it all brings the appeal to the table. What is more exciting than waiting to find out if you are soul mates or if you will even be together at all. The thought of it gives me a slight buzz of endorphines and adrenaline. Love makes me high. As well as companionship and cuddling. But I will never know until it happens whether or not i am lucky enough to fall in love. For my sakes, so my fate is not to become an old lady who has no friends only cats, I hope that I might just be that lucky. But who knows. le sigh .


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Arabian Princess [userpic]

Check out here.

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free_mod [userpic]

Make your claim here! Just tell me the character, season, age range, and title if you know. Oh! If you have a GJ username, here's the place to tell me so that I can accurately credit you on LJ and GJ.

1) Dorothy (11-13): Becoming a Woman - woodlandelf
2) Mariemaia (17-18): Finding a Family - woodlandelf

None as of yet

1) Iria (3-10): A Mother's Touch - theredparcel

None as of yet

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free_mod [userpic]

The Summer Chronicles
Book One: Becoming a Woman by woodlandelf

- The First Day

Book Two: Finding a Family by woodlandelf
- Title TBA

The Autumn Chronicles
Book One: TBA

The Winter Chronicles
Book One: A Mother's Touch by theredparcel
- Title TBA

The Spring Chronicles
Book One: TBA

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free_mod [userpic]

Okay, so here's a short description. There are four seasons in the year, so there are four chronicles.
Spring: March, April, May | Summer: June, July, August | Autumn: September, October, November | Winter: December, January, February

All you have to do is choose a character, a season, and an age range. Write about the character in that season at that age. I'd prefer you stay within the season as defined above, but if you go a week over or under, I won't kill you (i.e. such as if you claim summer but write the character's first week of school at the end). You can claim as many characters as you feel you can write within a reasonable amount of time. If in doubt, be on the safe side and claim one character then another once you finish the first.

Each fic (or "book") needs to be written as a chaptered story. However, the chapters can each be as short as a drabble (100 words). It is up to the author to decide how long each chapter needs to be and how many chapters are needed for the story to be told.

I want to keep this as a canon as possible, so no Trowa and Quatre meeting as children or anything. Also, I want some continuity, but if you want to write Duo at age 5 in winter and someone else has written Duo ate age 5 in autumn, I won't hold you to the previous author's interpretation.

Each author should post the fic in this comm, but I would also like you send me each chapter in an e-mail, .doc or .txt form, so that I may post them over at GJ. I will give each author full credit, so don't worry about that. If you have a gj account, let me know the username so that I may also credit you with that name.

See the chronicles here: [info]summer_tales [info]autumn_tales [info]winter_tales [info]spring_tales

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