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Chronicling Childhood

oh what fun

Season Chronicles
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Once there was an author, woodlandelf, who had (what she considered) a wonderful idea. It started off with with a small snippet of a fic. She titled it The Summer Chronicles. It was about Dorothy, and she called that specific fic "Becoming a Woman" and put it as Book One. Then she had an idea about having other seasons: The Autumn Chronicles, The Winter Chronicles and The Spring Chronicles. They would be there for each character of Gundam Wing, telling the story of each character about significant events in her or his childhood. However, woodlandelf quickly realized she could—or at least would—not be able to take on such a daunting task. She needed help. This is where you come in.

This is similar to a themed community. An author picks a character (or more), a season, and an age range. Then, this author writes about the character in that season and age range. The point is to write about seasons that had an impact on a character.

‡ Pick a character, main or otherwise, and a season.
‡ Pick an age range.
‡ Write about the character's childhood. The point is to write about the characters as children, but I'm just going to put a rule as they have to be under 21.
‡ Writing format. I'm not going to stifle anyone's creative process. I only require that the fic be chaptered. Each chapter can be a drabble or longer; it depends on the author's wont. Also, the number of chapters is not mandatory. Whatever the length needs to be to get the story across.
‡ Art. Fan art is welcomed just as much as fan fiction. In fact, if an artist draws a picture (or more) inspired by one fic or if an artist draws a picture (or more) and a writer is inspired to write a fic for it/them, I would be very happy!
‡ Limit/Deadline. I take way too long, so I'm not going to impose a deadline, but it would be nice to post every now and then so that I know you still want the claim. Also, there is no limit to the amount of claims you take, but don't bite off more than you can chew. You can always come back to a claim.
‡ Bribes. If you just have to use an original character or have a character be over 21, I can be easily bribed with a good plot.

If you want a better explanation, go here and ask questions.
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P.S. If you can draw and want to make me very, very happy, check out this post.