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August 2007
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free_mod [userpic]

Okay, so here's a short description. There are four seasons in the year, so there are four chronicles.
Spring: March, April, May | Summer: June, July, August | Autumn: September, October, November | Winter: December, January, February

All you have to do is choose a character, a season, and an age range. Write about the character in that season at that age. I'd prefer you stay within the season as defined above, but if you go a week over or under, I won't kill you (i.e. such as if you claim summer but write the character's first week of school at the end). You can claim as many characters as you feel you can write within a reasonable amount of time. If in doubt, be on the safe side and claim one character then another once you finish the first.

Each fic (or "book") needs to be written as a chaptered story. However, the chapters can each be as short as a drabble (100 words). It is up to the author to decide how long each chapter needs to be and how many chapters are needed for the story to be told.

I want to keep this as a canon as possible, so no Trowa and Quatre meeting as children or anything. Also, I want some continuity, but if you want to write Duo at age 5 in winter and someone else has written Duo ate age 5 in autumn, I won't hold you to the previous author's interpretation.

Each author should post the fic in this comm, but I would also like you send me each chapter in an e-mail, .doc or .txt form, so that I may post them over at GJ. I will give each author full credit, so don't worry about that. If you have a gj account, let me know the username so that I may also credit you with that name.

See the chronicles here: [info]summer_tales [info]autumn_tales [info]winter_tales [info]spring_tales

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